LaDeshia Norman

Director of Concierge Services

Director of Concierge Services

LaDeshia began her career in long-term care in 2000 where she began as a CNA at Trevecca Center! She eventually began working between Trevecca Center and Bethany Center in restorative care and wound care as the wound tech.

Wound care was her passion, but she wanted to make an impact on patient's lives in another way. After working in wound care for over 10 years, she decided to go back to school in 2013 and become a certified occupational therapy assistant.

She began in the therapy department in 2015 at the Trevecca Center and loved doing activities such as cooking, painting, and functional tasks with the patients. She loved working in skilled nursing and assisting patients with regaining more independence with their ADL’S to increase their quality of life.

LaDeshia has experience with patients that may have suffered a stroke, recovering from a fall, showing signs of Dementia or Parkinson’sm or other conditions that may benefit from occupational therapy.

In 2019, LaDeshia took the position as the director of concierge services at the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing to increase her knowledge and skills with working with patients in skilled rehabilitation and long term care. She says “ I can’t see myself working in another setting. When you work with the older population you get life lessons that can only come with experience and they have so my knowledge and information to share with us.”

LaDeshia plans on using her experience that she gained while working different positions in long term care to increase patient and family experience and make their stay at the Gallatin Center unforgettable