Upcoming Events

Be sure to download our June recreation calendar for more information on exciting events taking place throughout our community! 



Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor is a new addition to our calendar, and it is the one of the most enjoyed activities that we host here at Gallatin Center.  We provide ice cream every Monday and Friday along with all kinds of delicious toppings and great flavors! No one can resist some yummy ice cream during these hot Tennessee Summer months!  Get your ice cream on June 4th at 1:00pm.

Father’s Day Brunch

Gallatin Center will be hosting a Father’s Day Brunch! We are excited families will have a chance to gather and spend time with their loved ones. There will be light refreshments provided along with live entertainment!  We are proud to host such a wonderful family event! The brunch will take place on June 16th, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Summer Party !

Summertime is finally here!  We will be hosting a Summer party full of tasty treats, ice cold refreshments, and entertainment!  Summer attire and a great time is absolutely mandatory! We are going to bring in the Summer months with FUN! Join the party on June 21st, at 2:00pm.