“I am glad to be a long term resident here at Gallatin Center. The nurses and tech are wonderful when it comes to patient care. The therapy department is awesome. They help you get back on your feet and get you to be strong again. The front end offices are great, they are here to talk whenever you have a problem or a question. The kitchen is just doing all they can to get the food right so that the residents here can be satisfied. The activities dept is super. They give out snacks each afternoon and stuff to do during the day like bingo, crosswords, and more to keep us entertained. The housekeeping and laundry do their job wonderfully. Hats off to this place, the nurses, techs, and the administration itself. Dawn and Rebecca are wonderful to talk to whenever I have a question or a problem. Thank you all.” – Donald

“The therapists always do a good job and they are part of the reason why I keep coming back here. I love all the nurses and they have been good to me. Misty, the nurse, would poke her head into my room all the time to check on me and took the time to help me when I needed it. One of the night shift nurses always sings and is so happy. Laura and Bethany are really good to me, too.” – Naldi K.

“Right now I feel so much better than I did before everything started for me. I am leaving here in better shape than I was! I can’t wait to get home and start doing things again.” – Linda G.

“I have worked at Gallatin Center for almost three years. I started out as an activities aide, but soon after got promoted to Activities Director. I love my job because I feel like I’m always learning new things, as well as bettering the lives of those around me. Gallatin Center is also like a second home to me and to those that work here. We treat each other like family and strive to make the most of our time here. We also work hard as a team to make sure the residents are provided with the best care. Our residents look forward to new activities that allow them to make new friends and learn new things. Seeing residents build these relationships and work hard to learn new things makes my job the most enjoyable one I’ve ever had.” – Erica B.

“Fortunately, this has been a pleasant situation and a rewarding journey for me. I have been ill for several years and this environment has allowed me to become excited to become someone and do great things. The people that work here have given me hope!” – Robin M.

“I began my career with Gallatin in May of 2017 as the Concierge of our community. In the concierge position, I was able to meet many wonderful residents and family members. In February of 2018, I was transferred to the Social Services Department of the same facility, where I hope to continue sharing the ‘Gallatin way’ in meeting the needs of all of our residents and grow with this company.” – Chelsea G.

“I like speaking with the staff and going around and talking to others and making them smile.” – W. Owens

“Dietary has the best employees, they are always kind and cheerful, and the work is excellent.” – Lavada B.

“I like working here, I enjoy the people I work with. Working here helps me gain experience with my future career for when I get out of school. It is a great place to work while being in school because they support my school schedule. I feel treated equally and respectful among my peers.” – Tanner C.

“I like it here, its a fun place. The people here are great and I like the food.” – Mary J.

“Everything has been good and has been working out. Everyone has been really nice. The therapy team is doing a great job with working with me. The food is also delicious.” – Margie W.

“The people that work with all of us are very caring and compassionate; very fantastic. I like that ya’ll offer church. They make physical therapy fun and very encouraging… there is a really nice concierge!” – Deborah H.

“I actually do not want to go home, I love it here. The nurses and techs are wonderful and I have given my hugs to everyone crying. My food was great and I really never had concerns with anyone. Everyone helped me so much while I was here. The therapy was my way of getting out of here, they worked with me so well.” – B. Phillips

“The stay was wonderful, the facility is nice and clean, and the employees are wonderful, but this is my 2nd trip here and if I have to come back, I will want to come back here. I will refer the facility to my friends and my doctors.” – J. Troutt

“I really enjoy being able to do all kinds of different activities and crafts with our residents. We also throw really great parties that everyone gets to participate in. It’s really nice being able to spend so much time with our residents.” – E. Briley

“I like being at Gallatin Center. It is good and clean and everyone is sweet.” – M. Fleming

“I have been pleased with everything here at the Gallatin Center. I don’t have any complaints at all. I rate Gallatin Center a 10. Everyone has been so good to me.” – H. Bates

“As of January 4, I have worked here for eighteen years. I appreciate the card I received acknowledging my service.” – B. Dixon

“I like living at Gallatin Center, I lived here for eight years. I love having a salon here so I don’t have to leave to get my hair done. I love all of the fun activities we get to participate in.” – R. Hussey

“I love the opportunity to be able to make a difference in the residents’ lives and show them that people care about them and how their day is going.” – A. Wellman

“I love it here at Gallatin Center, it is my home! I have lived here for 8 years.” – G. Ceglia

“Everything has been good at the Gallatin Center, I could not ask for people to treat me any better.” – D.J. Moss

“I love working at Gallatin Center, I am constantly getting compliments from visitors about how clean it is and the professionalism of the staff.” – L. Smith

“Gallatin Center is a wonderful place, it is like home.” – N. Coorough

“I rate Gallatin Center a 10, it is really nice. They do their best to please.” – M. Fitts

“Gallatin Center is a good place, I just love being here.” – C. Cash

“This is the first job that I have ever had that I felt like I fit in from day one. I love working here.” – K. Cleary

“I give Gallatin Center a “10”. It has been wonderful, the people are wonderful. They are a blessing from Heaven.” – M. Bahr

“I have only worked at Gallatin Center for a short time, but from the start, all of the staff was so welcoming. All the staff here just want the residents to get quality care and enjoy their time here at Gallatin Center.” – E. Davis

“I have been very satisfied with my stay at Gallatin Center. I told my daughter I might just move over here. I will miss everyone when I go home.”

“Gallatin Center is a fantastic place to work in. I always tell people that I have worked at several long term skilled facilities throughout my career as a speech pathologist and rehab director. I can honestly say that the nurses and all of the staff here are the best!”

“Gallatin Center has been wonderful. They have the nicest people. Everything has been wonderful.”

“I have been at Gallatin Center for 4 years. First and foremost, my favorite thing about working here is my patients. Secondly, Gallatin Center has an amazing staff that is dedicated and true team players. At Gallatin Center, we partner with families to make sure their loved ones receive the best possible care.” – Holly W., LPN

“This is a nice place to live. We have so many nice accommodations. I have many friends and the workers are superb.”

“I loved seeing all the participation on Halloween! From staff to residents, everyone was dressed up and having fun!” – R. Stewart