Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (October 2017)

Patient Age: 68
Admission Date: 9/22/17
Admitted From: Sumner Regional Medical Center
Discharge Date: November 1, 2017
Discharged To: Home with grandson
Length of Stay: September 22nd to November 1st
Reason for Stay: Weakness/ shortness of breath
How did patient hear about Gallatin Center? Margie heard about Gallatin Center from Hospital
Information taken by Chelsea Groce

Details of Experience:

On September 22nd 2017 , Margie Wheeler was brought by ambulance to Gallatin Center for short term stay. Upon arrival, Margie was greeted by her nurse and some of her techs. Throughout the week, she met several other department heads such as the concierge department to cover any questions, discuss recreational programming, menu for meals, and personal information about Margie so the team could create a comprehensive care plan to best suit her journey of healing.

When Margie was evaluated by therapy her therapist ,Bridgett , shared ”when Margie started therapy with us, she would get out of breath really easily and have limited tolerance to complete any therapy, including walking.” Over the next several weeks, Margie began a program called “NU STEP”. This program lasted an hour and would build tolerance from low to high. Bridgett, the therapist, stated “she started getting stronger using 2.5 lbs. weights on each foot, rode the bicycle, and started lifting arm weights as well.”

Margie stated to me “the therapy group has been really good, I can walk and breathe better even with my COPD, everyone has been really good to me and I would recommend this place to anyone.” We are all happy Margie will have the opportunity to return home on November 1st to be with her family as a stronger person. We all loved having her here, but thankful she has improved to go home. We wish the best wishes to Margie!