Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (April 2021)

Concierge: Morgan Glover
Patient’s Name: Judith McConnell
Patient’s Age: 79
Admission Date: 1/30/21
Admitted From: Hendersonville Medical Center
Discharge Date: 4/30/21
Discharged To: Home with family
Length of Stay: 90 days
Reason for Stay: COVID-19
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Referred from Hospital

Details of Experience:
Judith McConnell came to Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing from Hendersonville Medical Center due to weakness and shortness of breath from COVID-19. Ms. McConnell was not able to complete daily living tasks without her oxygen levels dropping. Hendersonville Medical Center referred the patient to our team, here at Gallatin Center, for intense Occupational and Physical Therapy prior to going home. 

Upon arrival, Ms. McConnell was greeted by the Director of Concierge, Therapy, Dietary, Social Worker, Activities, and many more. The patient arrived at Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 1st, 2021. When Judith arrived, she was on seven liters of oxygen and resting O2 saturations (sats) at 85%- 95%. She presented with decreased strength, activity tolerance and required assistance with self-care. Her O2 sats would drop when doing daily tasks. As of February 2021, Judith’s O2 sats would drop to 75% when making transfers. Our therapy department would institute goals each week for the patient to try and achieve. Therapy educated Judith with breathing techniques and when to take a break. As the weeks went on, the patient benefited from the skilled therapy and was highly motivated to participate in sessions and progress to her goals. She could do some tasks for a few minutes with her oxygen levels remaining in the ’90s. 

Judith McConnell met all of her goals and is discharging home with family.  As the Concierge visited Judith to capture her final words before being released, she stated:  “The therapy department was wonderful!”  “Manny in dietary always makes sure the food looks and tastes delicious.” “Nurse Mary and Misty are awesome, as well as the CNA, Maria!”  It is overall a great facility, and I am pleased with my stay.” 

Team Gallatin Center sends you well wishes and feels secure that any future obstacles you will overcome with strength!