Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (June 2017)

Patient Name: Pamela Bradley
Admission Date: 4/5/17
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Medical Center
Reason for Stay: Amputation of left foot

Details of Experience:

Ms. Pamela Bradley arrived to Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 5th from Vanderbilt University Medical Center due to an amputation procedure of her toes on her left foot. Ms. Bradley, and her daughter, Candice, began to search for a local rehabilitation and nursing center to support her journey of recovery, ultimately selecting Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. The two chose Gallatin Center as it was convenient for Mrs. Candice to visit her mother regularly and she would have the ability to receive the best therapy possible through the center’s reputation.

When Ms. Bradley arrived, she was greeted by her physical therapist, Robert, who assisted her from the vehicle to the wheelchair and to her room. Ms. Bradley was also immediately welcomed by the Director of Nursing, Unit Nurse and the Unit Techs. The clinical team was incredibly helpful with respect of assisting her if needed from the bed to the wheelchair and available to answer any questions her or her daughter may have had. Ms. Bradley began therapy immediately while also getting to know additional staff members and residents. Over the next few weeks, Ms. Bradley started to participate in activities more and enjoyed conversing outdoors while gaining a lovely tan. While in therapy she began withleg and arm exercises to build strength and stamina using weights. During the month of June, Ms. Bradley began to use the parallel bars to work on bearing weight on her left foot. We are so happy to share that she is now being able to transfer herself and apply a degree of weight on her foot! The therapy team is really happy to see the improvements Ms. Bradley has made thus far.

Ms. Bradley met with the interdisciplinary team during her patient care plan meeting on June 29th ultimately receiving the great news that she would be discharging on July 5th! Ms. Bradley has worked so hard toward her goals of being able to return to her apartment and to live on her own again. We are all proud of how far she has come to be able to return back home. We all are thrilled and wish nothing but blessings for Ms. Bradley for 2017!