Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (June 2020)

Patient’s Name: Naldi K.
Patient’s Age: 84-years-old
Admission Date: 05/28/2020
Admitted From: Sumner Regional Hospital
Discharged Date: 06/16/2020
Discharged To: Home with family support
Reason for Stay: E Coli/UTI Dx
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center? The patient has been at the facility previously

Details of Experience:
Naldi K. used to spend her time taking care of herself in her home and spending time with her family. Days filled with watching Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, and game shows were the highlight of her day. One day she woke up with increased weakness and wasn’t feeling like her normal self. She was home with her son-in-law and didn’t think much of it to mention it to anyone. When her daughter came home from work, she noticed that there was a significant change in her mom and she was unable to stand or walk. Her daughter took her vital signs and she had an increased temperature. Nalid’s daughter and son-in-law helped her get into the car and she was taken to the emergency room to be evaluated. The clinicians at the hospital noted that she had swelling in her lower extremities. She was diagnosed with gastroenteritis with colitis and hypokalemia. She was admitted to Sumner Regional Hospital for a short stay and made the decision to come back to the Gallatin Center.

Naldi transferred to the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on 5-27-2020. When she arrived at the facility, she was greeted by the nursing department, dietary, and the activities department to be welcomed to the facility and to be evaluated. She also spoke with the Concierge and Social Services to make sure patient preferences were documented and also to talk about the patient’s needs after discharge. Naldi was happy to see some of the familiar faces she has seen before since this was her third stay at the Gallatin Community. When she arrived, she required a minimum to moderate assistance with self-care tasks and functional mobility. She knew she had some work to do and she could meet her goals with the assistance of the Rehab Team. The therapists would go to her room and assist her with performing functional activities and also increase her strength and balance. After some time of working on her balance and strengthening in the lower extremities, she was able to begin walking up and down the hallway with minimum assistance from the therapists. Naldi said that “The therapists always do a good job and they are part of the reason why I keep coming back here.”

She shared that she has been to some facilities that she does not want to return to, but she can always count on good care from the staff members at the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Naldi said “I love all the nurses and they have been good to me. Misty, the nurse, would poke her head into my room all the time to check on me and took the time to help me when I needed it. One of the night shift nurses is always singing and so happy. Laura and Bethany are really good to me too. I can’t say anything bad about anyone here.” Naldi continued to work with the therapy department and she was finally able to complete most of her tasks with set up or at a modified independent level. Counting down to her discharge date, Naldi shared that the first thing she wants to do when she is discharged home is to love on her little pug Donte’ she picked up from a rescue shelter. She shared that they have been connected since they first locked eyes in the shelter and they have been inseparable ever since.

During the discharge evaluation with the Concierge, Naldi shared that her room was always clean and the food was wonderful. She always ate everything on her plate and enjoyed the whole milk received with her breakfast cereal. Naldi worked really hard and showed resilience and was able to go back to her home stronger than before. Team Gallatin was ecstatic to applaud her and her efforts and bravery and dedication to doing the work necessary to return home with her family!