Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q4 2023)

Concierge: Christina Mitchell
Patient: Allen White
Age: 72 years old
Admitted: 9/7/2023
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Wilson
Discharged: 10/28/2023
Discharged To: Home With Outpatient Rehab Services
Length of Stay: 7 weeks

How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center? Hospital Case Manager at Vanderbilt Wilson

Details of Experience:

Allen White was admitted to Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation following an extended stay at Vanderbilt Wilson Hospital on 9/7/2023. Admitting diagnoses were DMII, Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, Stage III Kidney Disease, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, cellulitis of the thigh with open wound, and bilat lower extremity Lymphedema. He voiced he had traveled to the emergency room related to severe shortness of breath and weakness and was noted to have an elevated heart rate and elevated respiratory rate. A CXR was performed, revealing an improvement in the previous diagnoses of cardiomegaly ( enlarged heart ), pleural effusion, and pulmonary edema. An EKG revealed atrial fibrillation with RVR ( rapid contractions of the atria make the ventricles beat too fast ), and if the ventricles beat too fast, they can’t obtain enough blood to meet the body’s requirement of oxygenated blood. Mr. White also had blood drawn with several abnormal results requiring him to be hospitalized for further evaluation and treatment. He was placed on a telemetry monitor for his heart rhythm and his blood thinners were held due to blood in his urine. And was referred to Nephrology (Dr. Joseph J Matthews.)

When arriving at our community (Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation ), the Resident was awake and alert, able to verbalize needs and wants with clear speech. He was talkative and reported the community seemed to be a nice place to be. Mr. White commented on the cleanliness and home–like environment to staff upon initial talks. Upon admission, Mr. White was greeted by his admitting nurse and CNA, who would care for him throughout the night. In the first 24 hours of admission, Mr. White was introduced to and/or greeted by the whole team that would be caring for him during his stay, Therapists, Administrative staff, Nurse Practitioners/Physicians, Concierge, Dietary, Social Services, and his Housekeeper along with other valued team members. Mr. White was evaluated for therapy services by Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy and a plan of care was completed to meet his individualized needs.

Initially, Mr. White was weak and debilitated. He required extensive assistance with day-to-day living activities. He was unable to ambulate and needed assistance with propelling his wheelchair. Although he could feed himself, he required the setup and opening of containers at meal times. Mr. White quickly developed a good rapport with staff, especially with the therapy dept. He worked very hard to achieve small goals. At times, Mr. White would express concerns that he was worried he would not meet the goals he had set for himself to return home and that he felt the therapy was too difficult and he just didn’t know if he could do it. But those doubts would quickly be replaced with WILL. He stated, “ You have to push yourself, you have to want to get better, and I want to get better.” After several weeks of hard work and determination, Mr. White was ambulating 125 ft with just someone standing beside him. He was walking on his own. His activities of daily living were being done with supervision. Mr. White had reached his goal of going home.

On 10/28/2023 Mr. White was discharged home with home health to continue his Physical Therapy needs, as he continued to have some difficulty with bed mobility and lower body care needs. Mr. White expressed his thankfulness to the staff at Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and stated “ They did a good job on me.” “ They worked me hard. “ He was very happy to be returning home and stated before leaving “ You have to want to get better, push yourself, and trust the therapist. And that’s what I did. I wanted to get better and go home.” “ It ain’t always easy, but it works.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mr. White. Thank you for allowing us to help you with your rehabilitation goals. You made us Proud!