Case Study: Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2018)

Patients Age: 70-years-old
Admission Date: 6/26/18
Admitted From: Sumner Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/16/18
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 months, 20 days
Reason for Stay: Tibial Plateau Fracture in the Right Leg
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center? Referred by the hospital

On June 26th, Judy Rich was transferred from Sumner Regional Medical Center, arriving diagnosis of a tibial plateau fracture in her right leg.

When arriving at Gallatin Center, Judy was greeted by her nurse and the community’s concierge. Throughout the next few days, Judy met with several other department managers in dietary, activities, and therapy to discuss menus, daily activities, and treatment plans for her recovery.

When Judy began therapy, she was dependent on transferring due to her leg fracture and it being non-weight bearing. It became very hard for Ms. Judy to do many tasks for herself and it was very frustrating.

With time and diligence, the therapy team worked with Judy until her cast was taken off. Once the cast was taken off the therapy team began to try several different exercises to build her strength back up. Judy is now able to do some daily tasks for herself with the assistance of one and is now being able to take twenty steps. Judy’s favorite part of being at Gallatin Center is being around the people and working to get her strength back.

Judy is really looking forward to going home but she stated that Gallatin Center “is a very nice place here and the people are very friendly here, everyone has been wonderful.”

Judy plans to be discharged on October 16th to go home. We are all happy that she is going back to her home and we send best wishes and prayer as Judy continues to grow stronger.